MP3 Module

MP3 Module is one of our self-developed modules inspired from JQ6500-24SS MP3 chipset of Jiaqiang Electronics.
It supports SD cards for FAT16, FAT32 file systems and SPI Flash updates via PC.
Via some very simple serial commands to control music playback, it owns the characteristics of easy operation and stable performance.
Additionally, with an external headphone (PH) and an external speaker (SP), the MP3 Module provides more interfaces and utility.



Supports sampling rates (KHz):8/ 11.025 /12 /16 /22.05 /24 /32 /44.1/48 24 bit DAC output, dynamic range supports 90dB, SNR supports  85dB  Fully supports FAT16、FAT32 File System, maximum supports 32G TF card,32G U disk  , 64M bytes of NORFLASH Variety of control modes, serial mode, AD key control mode Broadcast language spots feature, you can pause the background music being played 30 levels volume adjustable, 10 levels EQ adjustable.

Plug spi flash, and connecting to PC can display spi flash  Letter to update contents.

Controlled by the microcontroller serial port to play the  specified music In Key mode, you can select the play mode: pulse can be repeated, the pulse can not be repeated, maintaining the level of non-recyclable,  maintaining the level of recyclable.

Audio data is sorted by folder, and supports up to 100 folders, every folder assigned to 1000 songs

Size 50.00mm×47.15mm



Car navigation voice broadcast

Highway transport inspection, toll station voice prompts

Train station, bus station security check voice prompts

Electricity, communications, financial business hall voice prompts

The voice prompts for verification of vehicles into and out of the channel

Public security frontier channel voice prompts

Multi-channel voice alarm or equipment operating guide voice

Electric sightseeing cars safe driving voice notices

Electromechanical equipment failure alarm 

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