Robot Controller

       The Orangutan SVP-1284 robot controller


 * ATmega 1284 AVR microcontroller (128 KB flash,16 KB RAM, 4 KB


  * Built-in AVR ISP programmer

  * More I/O lines,

  * More regulated power

  * More memory.

  * Higher-power dual motor drivers (2 A continuous per channel)

  * Bigger 16×2 LCD

  * Demultiplexer for easy control of up to eight servos,

  * The Orangutan SVP makes a great starting point for your robot or

    electronics project.

        Orangutan SV-328 Robot Controller


 * powerful ATmega328P AVR


  * motor drivers

  * buttons

  * display

  * and buzzer

  * all you need to add is your own

    chassis, sensors.

        ARM mbed NXP LPC1768 Development Board


 * Can be powered by USB or an  external 4.5 ? 14V supply

 * Best-in-class Cortex-M3  hardware  

       _ 96MHz ARM with 64KB of SRAM, 512KB of Flash  

       _ Ethernet, USB OTG  

       - SPI, I2C, UART, CAN

       - GPIO, PWM, ADC, DAC,   DMA

 * Easy-to-use, free online tools  

 * Web-based C/C++ programming environment,

      - Uses the ARM RealView  compile engine,

      - API-driven development  using libraries with intuitive interfaces

      ARM mbed NXP LPC11U24 Development Board

*Can be powered by USB, an external 4.5–9 V supply, or a 2.4–3.3 V battery

*Compact module: 54 mm × 26 mm

*Convenient form-factor: 40-pin DIP (0.9" row spacing), 0.1" pitch

*Drag-and-drop programming, with the board represented as a USB drive

*Low-power Cortex-M0 hardware

      - 48 MHz ARM with 8 KB of SRAM, 32 KB of Flash,

      - USB Device,


*Easy-to-use, free online tools

*Web-based C/C++ programming environment,

      -Uses the ARM Real View compile engine,

      -API-driven development using libraries with intuitive interfaces

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